About Us

Citizen Awareness Project is a nonprofit policy and grassroots organization dedicated to researching and promoting conservative policy solutions to modern American problems. It’s not enough to just talk about saving America – we have to put our ideas into action. Liberals in Washington and in state capitals around the country are driving America towards a fiscal cliff. CAP believes we don’t have to accept things how they are. We can hit the brakes and turn this country around, but only if we get back to what made America great in the first place.

Trillion-dollar deficits, $16 trillion in debt, a government takeover of healthcare – it’s all part of a seemingly ever-expanding government. Our federal government and states around the country spend more than they take in and then raise taxes to cover the gap. Over-regulation further stifles growth, accelerating the downward spiral. Meanwhile, America is under constant threat from extremists and rogue nations abroad; our enemies emboldened by a weakened America at home.

It doesn’t have to be this way. America has been a beacon of freedom and hope for generations. We can rise to our potential again, but we have to remove the burden of excessive taxes and government regulation. We must have an assertive foreign policy designed to protect our interests, and stop leading from behind. Only then can we guarantee a future that is brighter for our children than it is for us.

Join us today. Learn about the issues confronting American and what you can do to help. We have to talk to our neighbors and elected officials and tell them that the status quo isn’t obligatory; in fact, it’s unacceptable.

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